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Our Philosophy

Executive Counsel’s focus is on delivering business law value. We do so through a meticulous attention to detail, communication, execution, quality, responsiveness and the pursuit of continuous improvement. Our focus on business law value is corner-stoned on establishing a deep and trusting relationship which strengthens your management team and company’s results. a deep and trusting relationship which strengthens your management team and company’s results.

As business leaders ourselves, we believe receiving and delivering value is crucial to business success in the new economy. To this end we developed the Executive Counsel model of business law support. Operating as a highly efficient virtual practice, we avoid the legacy brick-and-mortar trappings and associated costs of traditional law firms. Recruiting only the most experienced and respected business law professionals, we bring you legal insight and business acumen that saves you time and expense, and helps avoid unnecessary problems and challenges

Communication Clarity

Your legal advisor should clarify – not complicate – business issues. With Executive Counsel, communication is clear. We’re responsive and proactive. We keep you informed and up to date. We interact exceptionally at every level; from your sales team to your administrative staff, from your management team to your board room. We work as a part of your team, we facilitate clear internal communication and we help build strategic relationships with your customers.


We align with and enhance your strategic goals. With Executive Counsel, you can expect a minimal learning curve with an immediate contribution.

Quality and Depth

On a broad range of legal issues, from the day-to-day to the complex, our attorneys have in-depth experience at senior levels of law and business – and on the issues most important in your industry.


Most every lawyer on the Executive Counsel team has served as a senior executive and in-house general counsel bringing clients an insider’s understanding of the complex issues confronting today’s business leaders. We combine this inside knowledge with the perspective of an unbiased advisor. This unique perspective enables Executive Counsel to identify business risks before they become problems and to provide proactive legal and business advice that less experienced corporate counsels too often overlook.


We not only give you and your team experienced advice, we also provide the business process with which to execute on that advice, all within the context of your company’s strategic business goals.

Responsive and Proactive

We understand business needs prompt and pragmatic advice. We pride ourselves on being highly responsive, providing the necessary services in an efficient and useful manner, without adding to your management burden. We are there when you need us – onsite or remotely, one day or every day at your discretion.

Efficient and Affordable

Clients realize great economic benefit from the inherent efficiencies of our practice — our experience, understanding of your business, low overhead and flexibility in our billing structures.